Heinz Offers Visual Aid to Help Customers Use Their Glass Bottles

We’ve all been there: you just want some ketchup for your fries, but the bottle is proving to be somewhat of challenge. Plastic bottles are easier, but they make that weird noise and they aren’t nearly as good looking as the original Heinz in a glass bottle. Now, the company is giving customers a little help when it comes to getting their fix of this popular condiment.

As it turns out, to get the best results from a glass ketchup bottle the trick is to hold the bottle almost horizontal. Then the sauce will pour more freely. People who have a hard time with it simply aren’t holding the bottle titled enough. So, in order to help people out, Heinz has released a new label on some of their bottles.

This label will appear to be facing the correct (and legible) way only once the bottle is tilted at the right angle for dispensing. Unfortunately this new bottle won’t work for left-handers and is only available in Toronto, Canada.

The product has always come in glass bottles, then later in plastic ones to boot. For 150 years people have been smacking the bottoms of bottles, but the exact bottle we know today wasn’t introduced until 1948.

The new labels were released in September of 2019 in collaboration with Rethink Canada, a creative agency. Brian Neumann, senior brand manager at Heinz Canada said, “We’re always thinking of fun, cheeky ways we can highlight the iconic and timeless nature of the product.” Have a look at the redesign and how it works in the video below.

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