After Opening His Grandpa’s Safe, He Found Out He Was Quite The Collector!

You can tell a lot about a person from the items they keep near and dear, so when one user on Imgur came across his grandfather’s old safe, he was understandably curious to see what was inside! The safe itself was quite beautiful, but after getting it open, he discovered that his grandfather was quite the collector!

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As you can see, the safe is adorned with beautiful details, so extra care was taken not to damage it.

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The first look inside the safe shows some exciting items!

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Time to dive in! At first glance, there appears to be some coins, some old documents, and some interesting-looking trinkets!

An old knob of some sort!

A solitary cufflink!

A mysterious key! Wonder what it opens?

Old pins that appear to celebrate exciting international moments!

A tiny pipe that looks far too small to use!

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Here’s when things start to get really interesting! A 2-cent stamp with George Washington on it!

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A good luck penny badge from 1928!

And some old coins!

A lot of old coins….

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Most of them were American, but some were old coins from Canada, Italy and Germany!

All in all, some very cool items to find and cherish the same way his grandfather did.

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