You Can Buy Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments To Spice Up Your Tree This Year

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Golden Girls Christmas ornaments

  • You can now purchase Golden Girls Christmas tree ornaments from Etsy.
  • The ornaments come in different styles and are 100% handmade.
  • Which ones are you getting?

There are Golden Girls collectibles of every stripe nowadays, including Halloween costumes, action figures, and more. Well, now there are Golden Girls Christmas ornaments, so it’s safe to say your Christmas tree is all set this year. You can now channel your inner Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, or Rose (or all 4) come this Christmastime!

You can get them straight from the Etsy shop by seller, barrelbits. They are 100% handmade and created by hand-blown glass and decorated with glitter inside. Each ornament comes with a Golden Girls character’s face on it!

These Golden Girls Christmas ornaments are absolutely adorable

gliterry Golden Girls Christmas ornaments

Golden Girls ornaments / Etsy

So, you can be sure to pick your favorite character to deck out your Christmas tree with this year or you can get all 4! You’ll be sure to pay homage to one of the greatest ’80s TV shows of all time. The ornaments are selling for just $25 for the entire set of 4 characters. There are other versions of Golden Girls ornaments that you can get from other Etsy sellers!

Etsy seller, Coastie Kay, sells a less sparkly and flashy version of the ornaments, and they’re going for just $8.50 each! They don’t have their true faces on them, but rather a cartoon-like version of them. They’re so adorable!

More to pick from

felt Golden Girls Christmas ornaments

Golden Girls Christmas ornaments / Etsy

Don’t worry, we have one last set of ornaments that may be more up your alley! These wooden Golden Girls ornaments are adorable and whoever created these faces (entirely out of wood) is truly talented! They have super adorable sayings on them, too. These sayings include Blanche’s “Be Fabulous” and Dorothy’s “Bea Merry.” My personal favorite is Rose’s “Dreaming of a White Christmas” (because Rose is played by the incredible Betty White!)

These wooden ornaments are by Etsy seller, Chuddywinks. This set goes for $30, but dang, they are well worth it!

wooden Golden Girls Christmas ornaments

Golden Girls Christmas ornaments / Etsy

Okay, we’ll do an honorable mention round! This Golden Girls Christmas ornament features an authentic ’80s photo of the girls all together. This one is by Etsy seller, The Weekend Store, and it’s truly perfect for any Golden Girls fan who just wants to add a little Golden flare to their tree this year. It goes for $18 right now!

Golden Girls Christmas ornaments

Golden Girls Christmas ornaments / Etsy

So, which Golden Girls ornament are you going to get? Let us know!

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