Keep Your Car Cool This Summer With A ‘Golden Girls’ Sun Shade

Our Golden Girls fandom knows no bounds and we are always willing to represent for our faves, like the true stans that we are. Since these women are experts when it comes to throwing shade around, it is only right that they can now provide plenty of shade for your car. We cannot wait to take home one of these sun shades for ourselves. You can purchase The Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade Visor from a variety of major online retailers.

Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon are all offering the sun shade for between $25-$30. This gives you the chance to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays while remaining stylish in the process. What could be better? The sun blocker is designed to keep Dorothy in the driver’s seat. This makes the most sense to us, too.

Blanche and Rose are in the back, while Sophia rides shotgun. The shade is easy to store and it is collapsible. It will fit the majority of the cars and trucks out there as well. This television show has maintained its popularity, despite being off the air since 1992. The humor is timeless and it is easy to see why so many younger fans are getting into it.

Photo: Walmart

How can you watch this show and not laugh? We honestly want to know. There are certain shows that make us wonder how anyone could dislike them and Golden Girls is definitely one of them. The second wave of fandom can partially be attributed to its popularity on the Hulu streaming service. There are also fans who got into the show because of the TV Land re-runs.

The merchandise that has been inspired by the show’s renewed popularity is also incredibly popular. The Golden Girls Halloween costumes regularly sell out at Target. A well known Etsy shop provides plenty of Golden Girls themed candles and a Golden Girls themed cruise has also received a great deal of interest. Now that the warmer weather is right around the corner, you need to find the right sun shade.

The last thing that you want to do is get into a scorching hot vehicle once those balmy summer temperatures arrive. You can always park in the shade but a sun shade provides the sort of assistance that you can’t get anywhere else. Please be sure to pass this along to your fellow Golden Girls lovers!

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