5 Photos that Prove that Flying was WAY Better in the 60’s!

We all know how cramped and stressful air travel can be these days, but do you remember how easy it USED to be?!  Some would even say it was a great experience, and these photos show why…


United Stewardesses: Stewardesses were all trained to be friendly and go out of their way to meet customer needs. Can’t you just sense that from this picture – everyone looks so nice and happy to be there!


Full Meals: It didn’t really matter where you were going, you got fed on the plane! And more than not, it was actually pretty good food, as shown in this stock photo from British Airways. So nice.


All the Room: We were always tall for our age, so the seats you get these days are VERY cramped; however, we do remember a time when we all had room to stretch out, as shown in this popular 1960 airline poster.


The Pan Am Girls: There was a time when all we wanted to be in life was a Pan Am girl! Their life seemed so unique and adventurous, and everyone took great care in their work always. Ah, the good old days!


Champagne Time: Drinks weren’t just for first class back in the day – everyone that wanted one could have one! If you were of age, of course!

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