This Adult-Themed Flintstones Commercial Shows Just How Much Times Have Changed

Using popular television characters to sell products isn’t exactly a novel idea, even when it comes to cartoons. Recent examples include Bart Simpson for Butterfinger candy bars, The Peanuts gang for Met Life insurance, and Mr. Potato Head for Lays chips. However, this trend has actually been around for quite some time. When The Flintstones first came on the air in 1960, the show was sponsored in part by Winston Cigarettes. Despite the fact that the show was a cartoon, The Flintstones initially were targeted towards adults. The show had a prime time spot in the TV schedule, and was one of the first television programs to show a wife and husband in the same bed. When you consider this, along with the feelings towards cigarettes during the time of the show, it’s not too surprising to learn that The Flintstones were actually featured in a commercial for Winston Cigarettes. The commercial, which you’ll see below, is a great indication of just how much times have changed. Nowadays, it’s rare to even see a cigarette on TV! Regardless, it’s not often you’ll find programming that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults these days, and that’s something we miss.

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