8 Toys From Our Childhood That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Gone are the days when simple dolls or slingshots capture the imaginations of boys and girls, as contemporary playthings make noise, light up or perform tricks. Many of the following toys withstood the test of time and they remain popular with kids even though they have changed or received major makeovers.



Barbie made her first appearance at a toy fair in New York in 1959. The doll’s look included a pulled-pack pony tail and small hoop earrings. Now Barbie comes with smaller earrings, a cell phone earpiece, and pink eyeliner, among many fashion accessories.

G.I. Joe


G.I. Joe serves as a boy’s version of a popular doll that still makes an impact on the lives of youngsters. In 1965, G.I. Joe had 21 moving parts, a backpack and canteen. CNN notes toys from the contemporary movies are smaller, have more articulation points and come with small plastic swords as part of the Ninja Commando unit. These toys sound more menacing yet more fun.



Monopoly was a fun, simple board game when it first arrived on the scene sometime during the Great Depression. Now kids have more options to rule the financial world thanks to electronic versions of the game that use fake debit cards. This game teaches kids real-life lessons about money management.

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