Have You Ever Tried a Kringle? This Wisconsin Danish Pastry Is a Timeless Treat!

When we think about family heirlooms, a lot of times we imagine some sort of antique. However, nostalgia and a sense of family pride can come from a lot of different places, including a recipe! For the employees at Bendtsen’s Bakery in the town of Racine, Wisconsin, the family heirloom is a delicious Danish pastry known as a Kringle!

From: Youtube / CBS Sunday Morning

From: Youtube / CBS Sunday Morning

For more than four generations (81 years!), this family-owned bakery has been hand-making these timeless, tasty treats for folks from all around the world.  In fact, the Kringle is such a big deal to Racine that it’s actually nicknamed Kringleville! There’s even a Kringle Queen pageant, and a Kringle inspired polka! Of course, we wouldn’t show you this delicious Danish without offering a recipe so you can try it yourself (you can also order from the famous bakery here; they ship all over the country).

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