Watch an Emotional Appraisal of a Family Heirloom Hymnal

Any fan of Antiques Roadshow will know that over the years reactions can varying quite a bit. The people who find out they have a valuable treasure sometimes gasp, scream, or make nervous jokes as they fathom how they will now transport, insure, and/or bequeath their items. But, sometimes you get to see an appraisal that just makes you smile. At one appraisal in Salt Lake City, UT, in 2017 an early Church of Latter Day Saint’s “Bellows Falls” hymnal was examined, complete with an inscription from the owner’s great-grandmother!

At the time she wrote it her inscription stated that the book was already more than 100-years-old. What a family treasure. And appraiser Ken Sanders agrees, at least in monetary value. Although, he does mention that if it had been an even earlier edition that it would be worth even more. It would seem that there is a good market for early LDS Church items.

See how much it was appraised for and the owner’s emotional reaction in the video below.

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