Incredible Footage of Evel Kneivel’s Tragic Caesar’s Palace Jump From 1967

We know him as the ultimate in stunt mastery. His outrageous jumps over long distances shocked and amazed us. His dazzling outfits and interesting personality made him a star. When the legendary Evel Knievel decided to jump over the fountain outside of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in 1967, record numbers of onlookers crowded the scene to see this daring jump. He made good on the initial sequences, but then begins to lose control on the the landing. What happened next became infamous as his body flipped head over foot time after time on the pavement. He was hospitalized for weeks afterwards and was quoted later as stating that the doctors thought he would never walk again. After he healed, Kneivel said in interviews that he was disappointed that he didn’t get an appearance fee when he skidded into the neighboring parking lot of the Dunes. Later reports, as seen in the video below, cast doubt on how serious his injuries were. Watch this amazing event one more time from a new perspective.

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