10 Rules of Etiquette That Absolutely Everyone Should Be Following

There was a time when the rules of etiquette were followed pretty closely. Only in extreme cases was it excusable to violate these social contracts. Otherwise, you were expected to say please and thank you, as well as giving those around you the respect that everyone in life wants. It may not be right, but today many of these conventions have gone out the window. Here are 10 rules of etiquette that absolutely everyone should be following today.

Learn People’s Names

Bothering to retain someone’s name, and then use it in context, is a great boost to people around you. And, it’s a basic courtesy that used to be done routinely. Nowadays it seems as though remembering people’s names, even coworkers and neighbors, is too much to ask.

Always Clean Up After Your Pet

There’s nothing more foul than finding dog doo on your lawn or your shoe. This simple thing should be a golden rule sort of deal, but many people simply don’t clean up the messes their animals make.

Always Dress for the Occasion

There was a time when showing up to a party or a family meal together in slubby clothing would have been a major faux pas. However, all bets are off in today’s ultra-casual world.

Wait to Eat

As kids it was taught that you waited until everyone has been served to start eating. This is now a rule that many people ignore, though we suspect it may have been mentioned to them at some point in life.

Ladies Sit Ankles Crossed

This is how the ladies of the royal family do it and it was how our grandmothers were taught to sit- not legs crossed at the knee.

Wait Your Turn

Let people get off the bus, train, or elevator before you get in. This one is just plain common sense since it allows for more room. However, many folks today ignore still this small piece of etiquette.

7) Don’t Groom in Public

Never floss your teeth or clip your nails in public. It should be a no-brainer, but it’s shocking how often we’ve seen people do this. Normal grooming habits can become revolting when done in public.

8) Don’t Be Nosey at Parties

Doing this will only make people feel extraordinarily uncomfortable and that’s not really the point of getting together, is it?

9) Always Return Those Phone Calls

The same goes for letters and emails. It’s extremely rude to simply not reply, yet that has become the default “response” for a lot of people today.

10) That Goes for Children, Too

Ask children in your care to follow these basic rules of etiquette as well. It can go a long way towards making the world a better (and less frustrating) place.

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