This Unforgettable Song from the Best Scene Between Elvis & Ann-Margret Is One of Our Favorites!

On the set of Viva Las Vegas (1964) that Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley met for the first time, each immediately consumed with the other in what would become a smoldering affair (this was 3 years before Presley would marry Priscilla Wagner). The two iconic entertainers are a perfect match in the beloved film, each representing very youthful and sultry characters.

The chemistry between the Elvis and Ann-Margret is palpable in all their scenes, especially the song, “The Lady Loves Me” in the clip below. This wonderful tune takes us on humorous journey into the complicated world of two feisty folks dabbling in romance – with some unexpected results. This song really brings back memories!

Have a look in the clip below. And, be sure to check out another of Elvis’ stellar ’60s performances by clicking the “Next Page” button below.

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