This Classic Game From The 50s Is Still Around And Thriving!

In 1949, the world of football changed. Before Tudor Metal Products came along, football was considered an outdoor activity. But then they released Electric Football, an indoor board-game that relied on a vibrating motor and strategy to keep kids busy on rainy days. Despite going into hibernation at the advent of Atari and Nintendo, Electric Football is still alive and well. But with a few new updates…


The new edition of Tudor’s classic tweaks the original in the most creative ways! For starters, the game comes with a speed dial. Instead of turning on the field and hoping for the best, you can control how fast the players cruise towards the end zone. The other major change is the inclusion of “cleats” which attach to the bottoms of the players, enabling them to charge, spin, or go long for a game-winning pass. Check out the new features in the video!

Everyone always had a favorite team they’d pretend to be when we played.

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