Eight Classic Easter Dishes We Love!

4) Coconut Cake

Extremely recognizable and delicious, coconut cake has become a staple for many Easter dinners. Gaining popularity in the 1950s, variations of the recipe were included in many advertisements and women’s magazines. This must be why we all know it so well! This cake can have various flavors, but must must must have frosting covered in coconut on the outer layer. We have always loved this light and sweet cake that is somehow more fun to eat than most cakes. Although, what cake isn’t fun to eat?

5) Osterschinken

A popular main dish in Germany at parties and holidays, particularly Easter, is osterschinken. Cooked ham gets baked into a flavored dough in this old world dish. The result is a more dynamic way to serve ham. This recipe includes caraway and coriander in the rye dough for added flavor in the bread.

6) Rack of Lamb

While less common on the Easter table in the US, the main dish for many Europeans is lamb. With deep symbolism from Christianity, lamb is also a main livestock in many parts of the world. And historically spring is the time when lambs are born. Herb-crusted lamm is a particular favorite of ours and makes for a grand presentation.

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