Eartha Kitt Sings “Santa Baby” and It’s As Phenomenal As We Remembered It!

The first version of “Santa Baby” was originally recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953 and her’s is still the best! With the funny lyrics and sexy tone, this is one modern Christmas song that we always love to hear. And there’s no one in the world who sings it quite like Eartha Kitt does!

One of Kitt’s first commercial recording successes, “Santa Baby” became synonymous with the classic moocher persona, but elegant and glamorous in her jewels and firs, asking for Santa to bring her some pretty extravagant gifts. Eartha sang this classic holiday the song in the film New Faces in 1954 and also on TV shows to promote the album RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt. Enjoy this sultry hit again below. Sometimes you just can’t beat the original! And, you can see Dean Martin performing another modern classic holiday song right here.

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