Precious 1982 Clip of Drew Barrymore on The Tonight Show Proves She’s Always Been Funny

Drew Barrymore, like generations of her family before her, is a talented actor. However, unlike some of her ancestors, Drew began acting at any extremely young age. One of her first film roles was in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as the precocious Gertie. This wildly successful film was followed by the dark sci-fi film, Firestarter in 1984, and later by more racy films like Poison Ivy (1992) and Scream (1996).

By the time Drew was a young teen she already had to go to rehab for a drinking problem that came from a hectic life lived among adults at nightclubs like Studio 54, with few rules. However, in 1982 she was still a child on rise who was being interviewed by the one and only Johnny Carson.

This interview, which she claimed she had waited her “whole life” to do, gets off to a bumpy start when she slips on stage. Carson makes her feel at ease though- so much so that she takes out her false teeth and places them on Carson’s desk!

Have a look at this incredibly cute and tender conversation between the Master of Late Night and a young whippersnapper in the video below.

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