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These 8 Disturbing Things Were Once Fairly Common Even in the 20th Century!

The stories we’ve heard from centuries past about the horrors of the black plague and of the poor in Victorian England often seem like distant realities. But, even into the 20th century some very antiquated practices remained very real. Here are 8 things so backwards anyone would think they were from the 19th century!

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8) Soothing Drops

In the days of opium dens and unregulated alcohol consumption, many tonics and medicinal syrups were sold to consumers with no regulation at all. Little thought was given to using morphine, heroin, and/or cannabis in “soothing syrups” for children. Labeling laws in the U.S. did not require the listing of ingredients on medicine bottles until 1906 and some parents were completely unaware of the drugs they were giving their children.

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Even after that, opioid products were not banned from over the counter medicines in the U.S. until 1924! Once it was discovered that some children given these drops for colic or teething symptoms never woke up, the tonics were nicknamed “baby killers.”

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