A Christmas Classic – Dean Martin Gets Some Help From His Elves

In December of 1968, Dean Martin performed a fun version of the new-classic “Marshmallow World” on The Dean Martin Show. Classic Dino, in a tux with a cigarette in hand, he gets some surprises from his groovy elfin helpers who have their own ideas about what should happen next. The song was written in 1948 by Carl Sigman and Peter DeRose and Bing Crosby’s famous version was recorded in 1950. Since then, a number of performers have sung this happy holiday song. Dean Martin does a wonderful show of it here, complete with giggles and all. And there’s no better song to get you in a light-hearted mood for the holiday season!

If there’s any song to get your feet tapping at Christmas, it’s this song. Have a listen in the clip below and be sure to check a Judy Garland Christmas classic right here.

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