For This 1940s-Obsessed Couple, It’s “Throwback Thursday” Every Day

The 1940s conjure up images of WWII and of doing everything by hand. But, they also make us think of glamorous women, fantastic fashion, and a longing for the “good old days” of yore. But, for this unique couple from Warwickshire, England, they’ve taken that longing to the next level by making their entire home a time capsule for the decade. From the furniture down to the dishes and everything in between, most aspects of the home are period correct and the effect is like stepping back in time. We love seeing this little family living their dream in such a cute home filled with wonderful and authentic pieces. Watch the video for a tour of their lifestyle: from victory rolls to the remodeled home full of details and decor from the era, you’ll think you’ve taken a trip back to the 1940s!

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