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You’ll Never Guess Who Voiced This Military Cartoon From the 1940s!

Our man on the ground during World War II was a little cartoon figure called Private Snafu. Take a trip down memory lane as you watch Private Snafu blunder his way through various military exploits. Does Private Snafu’s voice sound familiar? That’s because he was voiced by Mel Blanc, who also worked for Warner Bros. as Bugs Bunny. Yet, Mel Blanc wasn’t the only famous name associated with these cartoons. They were written by a man named Theodore Geisel — a.k.a. Dr. Seuss.
The Private Snafu cartoons were incredibly useful as propaganda, particularly in the cartoon “The Home Front,” where our bumbling soldier laments that “they don’t even know there’s a war going on back in my hometown!” However, a magical creature named Technical Fairy, First Class shows him the strength of the war effort back in the United States, featuring moving images of Victory Gardens and families contributing everything they can to help those fighting overseas.

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