Win at Life With These Simple Hacks!

Small things can make a big difference, particularly when you’re working closely with other people or trying to increase your own productivity. Help your life run a little more smoothly with these easy psychological hacks.

1. Make Eye Contact Without the Staring Contest

Making eye contact helps people feel listened to and valued. When you first meet new people, make eye contact long enough to determine the color of their eyes before you look away. Later, move your eyes around a small triangular portion of their face to look focused and attentive.

2. Fake It Until You Make It

If you’re feeling upset or dreading a task, try simply acting like you’re upbeat and excited. Your happy-seeming body language and facial expressions can trick your brain into cheering up.

3. Stop Those Annoying Earworms

If you have an annoying tune stuck in your head, try thinking about the end of the song. People unconsciously focus on unfinished problems, so that can cue your brain into moving onto other things. And if that doesn’t work, trying singing it like Bob Dylan. Weird, but it works.

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