The Fine Line Between Fashion-Forward and Fashion Faux-Pas in the 1940s

If you think today’s style standards are intimidating, you’d have hated trying to keep up with the tedious trends of the 1940s. From dressing in the appropriate silhouette to suit the season to donning the right duds for a specific occasion or time of day, 40s fashionistas walked an incredibly fine line between being fashion-forward and committing a fashion faux-pas. Something as simple as wearing the wrong type of gloves at the wrong time of day could take an entire ensemble straight from sleek and stylish to simply fuddy-duddy. Watch this video for a critical look at the dos and don’ts of fashion in 1946. Fashion experts of the 30s and 40s might have had very specific ideas of what was appropriate at the time, but we think all these ladies look great!

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