5 Ways to Cope With Menopause Now!

Experience, the best teacher, has already taught you quite a bit about menopause. No one needs to tell you about your hot flashes, sleepless nights and mood swings. However, a little encouragement and advice about how to deal might go a long way. While it’s not possible to entirely erase the symptoms of menopause, you can reduce their frequency and intensity. A combination of eating certain foods, nutritional supplementation and even dressing smartly can ease your way down the menopause path.

1. Soy Has Got Your Back… and Your Ovaries

The end of hormone production within your ovaries precipitates menopause. Good news: You can obtain something like your hormones from other natural sources. According to the Cleveland Clinic, soybeans contain isoflavones, plant-based compounds that behave like a weaker version of hormones within your body. Other sources include red clover, grains, flaxseed and chickpeas. Hummus anyone?

2. Exercise, Rest and Relaxation

Working out keeps your body in optimal condition to better combat or withstand the symptoms of menopause. It also fights the fat that interrupts your body’s ability to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Exercise also increases the likelihood you’ll sleep at night. Go for a morning jog, do low impact resistance training, or ride a bike. Don’t exercise more than three hours before bed.

Schedule down time for quality rest and relaxation. Resume your beloved solitary hobby, catch up on a marathon of your favorite show, treat yourself to a short siesta, or have a spa day.

3. Still Your Mind, Follow Your Deep Breath

According to the Mayo Clinic, deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help alleviate menopausal symptoms. Explore yoga or guided imagery, or get a weekly massage.

4. Shed Layers During Hot Flashes… Sort Of

According to VeryWell.com, dressing in layers is a convenient way to combat sneaky hot flashes. Build your professional wardrobe around layers you can remove without appearing untoward. Incorporate outdoor recreation-type pieces into your wardrobe that can tolerate heat, ditch the stockings, and opt for looser fits.

5. Oils and Herbs

Black cohosh and dong quai are herbs that help support a healthy hormone balance and ameliorate menopausal symptoms, such as intense hot flashes. Similarly, evening primrose oil and black currant oil, both sources of gamma-linoleic acid, can help moderate similar symptoms.You don’t have to suffer through menopause symptoms without hope or relief. A few lifestyle changes can go a long way to easing your journey through this inescapable rite of passage. Check out some of these tactics for managing your menopause.

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