The Footage in This Color Film Test From 1922 Is Incredible — See for Yourself!

Everybody loves a great film, but did you ever wonder how color movies got their start? The first color film, Kodachrome, was introduced in 1915, during the birth of the movie industry. Filmmakers used this version of color film until about 1935, when Kodak released the a new version of Kodachrome. The company began testing this panchromatic film in 1922, the latest incarnation of the 1915 color film. This unique collection contains some of the earliest known color film tests and it a stunning record of film history.

These images are beautiful in a way that will never be again due the idiosyncratic nature of this type of film. We love seeing the gorgeous costumes and of-the-era colorization in this wonderful film. Watch and see the birth of glorious color film in this video. If you love vintage films and photography, you won’t be disappointed!

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