Help Your Children Celebrate Their Grandparents!

The relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents is second only to the relationship between child and parent, research suggests. A relationship with a grandparent is an enrichment for a child’s life, and a relationship with a grandchild is beneficial to a grandparent. It is important to foster strong familial ties between your children and your parents to strengthen this grandchild-to-grandparent bond. A great way to promote this relationship is to get your child involved in choosing or making gifts for their grandma or grandpa, because gift-giving is a sign of love, appreciation and acknowledgement. Design a customized family tree for grandma, or commission a patterned rolling pin in a print she loves. Give grandpa a photo mug for his morning coffee, or have a shirt made that states he is the greatest grandpa ever.
Consider making something for the grandparents from scratch. A child’s picture in a macrame frame is a treasured keepsake that you and your kid will love to make. Paint grandma’s bedroom for her, or mow grandpa’s lawn. Bake some cookies and hand-print a recipe card to go with them.

Sometimes, the best gifts that you can give to a grandparent are acknowledgement and time. Pick up the phone and call grandpa on his birthday, or send an email to grandma to let her know she’s on your mind.
Take the time to draw a thank-you card after they give your child a gift, and hand-deliver it to show appreciation. The extra steps you take to show your parents that they are loved will also reinforce your child’s sense of familial ties.When you and your child take the time to pick out a unique gift or make something with your own hands, you are teaching your son or daughter that grandparents are a gift, and you are showing your parents that they are treasured. This grandchild-to-grandparent bond that you strengthen through gifting is something that your children will pass on to future generations, ensuring a strong and unified family. See more ways to create memories with your loved ones.

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