What Cancer Patients Won’t Tell You: 11 Secrets Of The Battle

Breast cancer patients and survivors often try to put on a happy face to keep up their own spirits and for the sake of their loved ones. But what do they really think and feel?

New apps and websites let breast cancer patients say the things they’re thinking honestly, with no holding back. Take a look at some of the inner thoughts and feelings shared by survivors and patients.

11. Fear of Crying

Treatment affects physical health as well as the way one would think and feel. Some breast cancer survivors fear that once they start crying, they aren’t going to be able to stop.

10. Take Control by Demanding the Facts

Every hurdle ahead is measured and planned for when treatment is down the road. Breast cancer patients want to know how long it takes to get from one stage of the disease to the next.

Facts can help them cope.

9. The Emotional Toll

For many breast cancer patients, dealing with the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease is tougher than handling the nausea and pain. The link gives an eye-opening look into what the tool may take.

8. What It Does to the Kids

Moms with breast cancer sometimes feel as if the disease is killing their kids.

Kids would no doubt be affected in numerous ways.

7. The Masculine Point of View

Men can get breast cancer, too. Those who do find it weird to have what so many people think of as a women’s disease. The mental, emotional, and physical challenges could be particularly difficult.

6. Sometimes Your Oncologist Isn’t Enough

Many breast cancer patients say they find hope and great advice from fellow cancer patients, even more than from their doctors. A support group is crucial in the fight, and no one deserves to go it alone.

5. When You’re Not the One With Cancer

Sometimes the fear for a loved one with breast cancer, especially a daughter, can be as overwhelming as the fear for yourself might be.

4. How to React

When it’s a loved one who has breast cancer, the fear of having the wrong reaction can be paralyzing. This is why breaking the news is incredibly difficult.

3. How About Some Practical Advice?

For many breast cancer patients, the most welcome advice is the practical stuff, like just how to rock that bald head. This show of support is priceless!

2. Feeling Ugly

Breast cancer patients and survivors often worry about what their husbands think about their bodies now that they have scars where their breasts used to be, but they’re afraid to ask about it.

1. Waiting for the Results

Many breast cancer patients and their loved ones find the wait for results to be excruciating and look for someone to give them hope during that time.

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