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10 Conveniences Kids These Days Take for Granted

There were quite a few things we didn’t have when we were growing up! When they came along, it made life so much easier. We bet that most kids these days don’t even know these things never existed. These can’t-live-without modern conveniences sure made life more fun, but we wonder what Grandma would think of all this ease! Still though, it was fun watching new technologies sprout up. It was almost like a new invention was being put out every day! These are the more basic items. Don’t even get us started on computers and tablets!

Remote Control

In the days before we remote controls, the kids in the family were the channel-changers. Dad would issue a command and you’d hop to it. If you had a squirrelly knob, you got to learn how to handle it with finesse. And, how many times did you have to stand in a certain spot or hold the bunny ears? It was always so tragic when the person who got the reception just right couldn’t see the screen all that well!

Boy with the Family Television Set 1950s

Via/ Flickr

Central Air

How many of us grew up with a furnace or a wood-burning stove? There was no air-conditioning and you made due with as much (or as little) heat as your family could afford. Cold winters by the fire, hot summers spent dripping with sweat. If you were very very lucky, you got to sit in front of a fan with a cold drink in summer! In winter you bundled up indoors if you had to!

Kids Warming Themselves By A Stove

Via/ Library of Congress


Before we had dishwashers, every dish got washed by hand. The phrase “dish pan hands” was so well-known because our mothers spent a lot of time with their hands in soapy water. After meals, though, sometimes it was our job as kids to do the dishes.

Washing Dishes by Phillip Bonn  1943

Via/ Library of Congress

Cable TV

Before cable and streaming, we just had the network stations. Depending on your reception, you may have only had a few channels. We were pretty happy with TV back then! There was always something good on and we didn’t mind a bit when the station would sign off for the night. It was time to go to sleep!

1950s TV in Cabinet

Via/ Wiki Commons

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