14 Clever Vintage Kitchen Designs We Wish They’d Bring Back

Modern kitchens certainly have their advantages, from the variety of gadgets we have to large number of cabinets that is often standard these days. Along the way to a more modern way of living and the age of microwave cooking, we’ve lost some of the useful design features of kitchens which were once quite popular. This was back when people used their kitchens everyday to make just about every meal they would consume. Have a look at some of the kitchen designs we wish they’d bring back.

1) Drainboards

These used to be built in to sinks. Like other porcelain goods of the time, they were available in many colors to coordinate with the kitchen.

2) Built-in Ironing Boards

There was a time when even apartments had built-in ironing boards. Long gone are those days!

3) Decorative Panels

Decorative panels were once a premium feature of higher-end kitchens.

4) Metal Cabinets

The durable enamel coating lasted for years and was such a sleek, modern look.

5) Place for a Chair

Many kitchens today are missing a place to pull up a chair or barstool at the countertop for working.

6) Standard Built-ins

Bread boards and cutlery dividers used to be standard built-ins in most kitchens.

7) Built-in Door Shelves

These handy shelves now usually come as aftermarket add-ons. They sure do keep little things from getting lost at the back of the cabinet, if you’re lucky enough to have them.

8) Mid-island Shelves

Extra shelves in the middle of the island were handy for grabbing things on the go. However, this design went out of fashion and never came back.

9) Cart at Counter Height

The idea for this cart is that it matches the height of the countertops for a seamless working space. An empty spot in the cabinets leaves space for the cart. Then, after having prepared drinks or snacks on the cart it could be wheeled out to the dining room or living room for ultimate ease in entertaining.

10) Handy Pass-throughs

They were all the rage back in the old days, but now most family homes have had these features knocked out in favor of the open floor plan which dominates modern design at the moment.

11) Drop-in Burners

A throwback to the old wooden cook stoves of yesteryear, the stoves of the 1930s and 1940s also had drop-in recesses. This made stirring and checking on food much easier and kept it warmer for longer.

12) Pull-out Stove Tops

In the 1960s there were a few different models of pull-out range tops, most notably the Frigidaire Flair.

13) China Cabinet Fixtures

These quaint corner cabinets were once found in many homes. But, these days they are considered outdated.

14) Built-in Utensil Hangers

Today most people keep their kitchen utensils either crammed into a drawer or shoved into a container on the countertop. But, there was a time when having them displayed nicely was the order of the day. This made selecting the right tool quickly a breeze.

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