These Classic Vintage Postcards Show Old Vegas at Its Best

If you went to Las Vegas in the ’50s or ’60s and sent a postcard back home, these are a few of the designs that would have been available to you. From the performers to the kitsch to the lights and signs, these postcards are a snapshot of what it was like to visit Vegas back in the Good Old Days.

The Frontier Club. Via/ Wiki Commons

The Showboat Hotel and Casino. Via/ Wiki Commons

Marlene Dietrich promotional postcard for her recurring gig at the Sahara Hotel. Via/ Wiki Commons

Playing craps. Via/ Wiki Commons

The fountains at Caesar’s Palace. Via/ Flickr

Sahara Hotel postcard showing the pool. Via/ Flickr

It’s interesting to see just how much this bustling city has changed over the years, with landmarks we take for granted today conspicuously absent from some of these images! And, it’s crazy to see empty desert surrounding some of the most popular hotels in Vegas (which are these days are completely surrounded).

Landmark Hotel and Casino. Via/ Flickr

Copa Room at The Sands Hotel. Via/ Wiki Commons

Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. Via/ Wiki Commons

The pool and arch at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. Via/ Wiki Commons

Freddie Bell and Roberta Linn postcard for their Sahara engagement. Via/ Wiki Commons

Wheel of Fortune game. Via/ Wiki Commons

The Sands Hotel postcard showing sign for Frank Sinatra. Via/ Wiki Commons

Caesar’s Palace back when there was nothing behind it but desert! Via/ Wiki Commons

The Pioneer Club. Via/ Wiki Commons

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