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If You Watched TV As A Kid, You’ll Definitely Remember These Classic Characters!

While we were growing up, TV — like many other things — was a lot different than it is today. There was no DVR, no on-demand, and there was only a handful of channels to pick from. Not only that, but (in our completely unbiased opinion) the shows were much better! That got us thinking about some of our favorite shows we used to watch while laying on the living room floor, and the characters that made them great. Take a stroll down memory lane with us, and check out the following TV characters that might be long-gone from the screen, but will never be forgotten!

Wiki Commons / Macfadden Publications

Wiki Commons / Macfadden Publications

1. Annette From The Mickey Mouse Club

That’s right, back before she was a teen idol and “Beach Party,” icon alongside Frankie Avalon, 12-year-old Annette Funicello was cast as one of the original Mouseketeers in 1955. It was here that she really began her acting and singing career, becoming so popular that she received 6,000 letters from fans every month!

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