The Circus Was A Lot Different When We Were Kids!

Going to the circus was a big deal for us growing up. It wasn’t often we got to see it and there was so much fanfare around going. Just the thought that you would be going was a huge lift for all the days before! And, you never knew exactly what was going to happen at each circus. There were the main acts, but they varied greatly. The first time seeing an aerialist use her hair to dangle from a line was like magic that defied the laws of physics! Here some of our favorite memories of going to the circus.

Circus Peanuts

The roasted peanuts in the little paper sacks were a fun food. The air would be filled the scent and the ground would be littered with shells. We also loved the popcorn and candy apples! It was a special time when a few treats might be allowed.

The Animals

The elephants were my favorite. Their long trunks, graceful riders, and even the prospect of getting to ride one! It was very exciting and there are so few times when one can get that close to such a large and magnificent animal. Animal welfare guidelines mean that the circuses of tomorrow will not have the same kinds of animals, and for some extremely good reasons. But, we will miss the amazing stunts they did and getting to be so near to such cool creatures.

Performer Atop Circus Elephant

Via/ Everett Collection

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