There’s So Much To Love About This Holiday Film, But The Old Blue Scene Brings Back Memories!

It’s Black Bart versus Old Blue in the scene we all love so much from A Christmas Story. Ralph’s Red Ryder air rifle (with a compass in the stock) is known the world over as Old Blue and feared by criminals far and wide! In Ralph’s fantasy world, there is no one else who can protect his family from Black Bart and his gang of robbers. They could be villains from an old movie or comic book with their black and white stripes and black beanie caps. Never fear, though, our hero makes short work of this band of criminals all while the fringe and rhinestones of his Western suit catch the light.

There are so many reasons we love this holiday movie, but seeing into Ralph’s wildest dreams, heavily influenced by Old West radio dramas, makes this film all the sweeter. This movie is a holiday tradition in many families and for good reason. Have a look at this classic scene one more time below.

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