Victorian Time Warp Couple Say It Was a Better Era in Some Regards

For Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman, the life their forbearers lived is not so out of touch as it is for most people. This is not only because they use only technology that would have been available in the Victorian era, but also because they feel that the old ways of doing things actually lead to happier life. One example they give is how people interact with each other on a daily basis when there are few distractions and little in the way of rushing through activities.

The Chrismans wear period clothing, use minimal electricity (usually just electric lighting when guests come over), and use only Victorian tools and entertainments. The pair say they are often approached by people on the street who say that the lifestyle appeals to them, but that it would be too difficult to acheieve. To that, the Chrismans tell people to follow their dreams – even if it seems impossible (like living in another century). Have a look at this unique couple and their story in the video below.

This man began collecting when he was just 5 and now has a fully authentic 1930s home: Click “Next Page” below!

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