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Seeing Wonderful Cape Cod Beach Photos from 1940 Is Like Going Back in Time

By the docks, boys play with real and toy boats, while sun-fatigued patrons lie face down on their blankets. Such simple scenes remind us of what it was like visiting the beach as kids. It might have been a cool day judging by how many people are bundled up!

Back then this Cape Cod beach was called New Beach, but has been known as Herring Cove Beach since the 1960s. Cape Cod has long been a relaxed vacation spot, with no shortage of tourist attractions like small shops and guided tours. A bit closer to town visitors might have stopped to get an ice cream cone or watched fishermen repairing their nets.

“Commercial Street, the main street of Provincetown which runs along the waterfront, including a view of the ‘Sand Bar Club’ and the tourist bus which runs out to the beach.” Via/ Library of Congress

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