Do You Own Any Cameo Jewelry? If So, Here Are Some Things You Should Know!

Cameo jewelry is for more than just dressing up your Halloween costume this year. Time to dig through your jewelry box and see if you have any of these special pieces. If you happen to own any, here are some things you should know about them.

Cameo jewelry holds a special place in many collectors’ hearts, and for good reason! Cameo jewelry, which usually contains the profile of a person, is so artistic!

While it’s definitely been out of style for a while, it still has many purposes and plenty of value! Plus, the process of making this jewelry is fascinating, and each piece really captures a small part of history.

In the following video, Bryan Abbott of 310Antiques goes over some important things about Cameo jewelry, including the different types, a brief history, and what makes a piece special.

Check it out and let us know what you thought. Do you own or collect any cameo jewelry? Has this video changed how you feel about your precious jewelry and/or what you intend to do with it?

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