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This Burl Ives Christmas Song Will Take You Way Back!

While the old prospector, Yukon Cornelius, is more concerned with finding raw ore, Sam the Snowman is getting into the holiday spirit with golden decorations for the tree. This wonderful song, “Silver and Gold,” performed by Burl Ives for Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer in 1964 is a favorite tune at Christmas time. One of the most entertaining holiday specials, this song in particular has a special place in our hearts.

Is there anything that really takes you back the way this song can? It just brings up memories of drinking homemade hot cocoa by the tree, dreaming of Christmas morning, and hoping you might catch a glimpse of Santa Claus sneakig down the chimney, while the tinsel twinkles gently in the light. Have a look below at this wonderful vintage clip below. And, you can check out more classic Christmas clips right here.

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