Stop Throwing Away Bread Bag Clips and Do This Instead!

Many of our parents never threw anything out that could be used again for something new. Along with rubber bands, twist ties, and buttons, bread bag clips are one of those things that it seems strange to throw away. And, by the way, they’re called occlupanids!

Maybe you’ve already got a few uses for them. If you’re someone who keeps a stash of these little guys then this post is for you. Here are 11 clever ways to reuse bread bag clips that will justify keeping them all this time!

11) Wine Charms

They might not be the most glamorous wine charms we’ve ever seen, but they certainly will do the trick. And, if you don’t have guests over for wine very often it might not make sense to invest in a set of wine charms when these little clips can do the job for a night.

10) Keep Tape Started

Better than crinkling up the end, keeping a bag clip on the end of a roll of tape can mean you waste less tape in the long run. Plus, it looks a lot neater, too.

9) Repair Flip Flops

This is such a clever life hack! If the hole that the thong part of your flip flop gets distorted or too big then a chip clip can extended the life of otherwise good flip flops. Genius!

8) Key IDs for Loose Keys

Have a jar full of keys that no one really knows what to do with? Yeah, us, too. But, if we has labeled them at the time we wouldn’t be in this mess. This is a really great idea that can porbably save a few headaches.

7) Quick Pants Repair

This wouldn’t be a long term solution, but for a rivet button which has suddenly gone rogue, the bag clip trick can keep you going the rest of the day.

6) Scrape Stickers Off Glass

Save your nails and don’t even fuss with razor blades. Bread clips can help get a stuck on sticker off pretty easily.

5) Make Art

With so many different colors, it’s snot hard to imagine making art from these little squares.

4) Label Power Cords

This is a really smart idea and is especially useful for TVs and monitors where the mass of cords can be pretty confusing.

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3) Keep Hair Ties or Rubberbands Together

Inside a drawer can be chaos if tiny object aren’t wrangled properly. Use these clips to keep hair ties and rubberbands a little more under control.

2) Corral Small Cords

Headphones and chargers notoriously get tangled up if you even so much as look at them sideways. Using bread clips can help to keep them in order so you don’t have to struggle with them on a daily basis.

1) Make Notebook Tabs

What a great idea for keeping your tabs straight. Use glue or tape to secure different color bread clips and voila: a much cheaper alternative to expensive office supply tabs.

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