“Stretchy” Orchid Root Ice Cream Recipe Is 500-Years-Old and Still Delighting People Today

If ice cream is one of your favorite foods then you’ve probably tried it a myriad of ways: freeze dried, melted, and mixed. But, most people still have never tried stretchy ice cream. The cold treat is still creamy, but the texture has an appearance somewhat like taffy. In fact, some people think it tastes even creamier because of the odd texture it has.

At a New York City ice cream shop named Republic of Booza, their stretchy ice cream (aka booza) has been drawing crowds. The first booza was only made in one flavor which was candied cream. But, of course today this dessert is made in many different flavors, and the shop is known for their experimental booza flavors like bloody mary and mint tahini chip.

Apparently the first known recipes for this type of ice cream date back 500 years to the Levant part of the Mediterranean (historical Syria). And, the ingredients that make booza so stretchy aren’t very common: mastic from plant resin and orchid root. See this flexible treat in action in the video below.

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