Blue Willow Pumpkins Are the Thing This Fall

There are several pumpkin decorating trends going around this fall. In particular painted pumpkins are having a moment. They last longer and don’t require cutting anything. Well, there is is another pumpkin painting trend happening and it’s inspired by the Blue Willow china many of us grew up with. The look is somehow nostalgic, yet totally updated and fresh at the same time.

According to House Beautiful, the trend for these gorgeous, hand-painted pumpkins has resulted in a variety of hand-painted blue and white pumpkins for sale. This style has been popular for a few years now, and prices are not cheap at all. A pumpkin like this will set you back some serious moola. We’ve seen them for sale from $118 all the way up to $225! It’s important to note that at the higher price you get a faux pumpkin painted by an artist that you can use year after year.

Of course, you can also make your own stunning Blue Willow pumpkins at home using real or fake pumpkins. However, this will require quite a bit of skill to do. Certainly if you are an experienced DIYer or artist then this should be doable.

However, if you’re not that confident in your freestyle painting skill you can also découpage blue and white paper onto your pumpkin using Mod Podge for a similar look. This way of doing it won’t be spot-on recreation of the classic dish pattern we know and love, but it will lend a look that is in the same vein.

Painted pumpkins have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years, with a huge variety of designs and inspirations popping up. The chinoiserie style could even be done in red, black, and gold for another take on this gorgeous decor idea.

We’ve even seen some designs which appear to use other kinds of china patterns for inspiration. It’s a lovely project that can totally be adapted to suit your own tastes and color scheme this fall and winter.

What we love about this trend is not only the unusual pattern, but also that the white background lends itself well to the transition from Halloween into Thanksgiving and even Christmas. Remember that pumpkin pie was once a tradition at Christmas dinner. And, what goes better with snowmen than white and blue? It seems like this could be a way to use the holiday decor you spend hours making for just that much longer.

What do you think of this pumpkin decorating trend? Do you plan on doing anything like this in the near future?

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