Take A Look At These Rare Photos Of Betty White With Her Dogs At Home In The 1950s

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

Betty White with her dogs in the 1950s

Betty White is like most people in that she is an animal lover. The 97-year-old was pictured back in the 1950s at home with her dogs and, many of these photos, the public has yet to see. She once said, and I quote, “Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.”

She’s got that right! Check out these adorable photos of Ms. White and her adorable dogs from the ’50s. You can tell that she was/is a passionate dog mama!

Tackling the piano with man’s best friend

Betty White and her dog, Danny, at the piano

Betty White and her dog, Danny / Bettmann / Getty Images

What a talented musical duo! We bet they sounded great taking on the piano together.

Making time to feed the dogs between studio visits

Betty White and her dog, Stormy

Betty White and her dog, Stormy / Bettmann / Getty Images

Ms. White always made time to make sure her dogs were well-fed before heading off to the studio to work!

“Give Me Paw!”

Betty White and her dog, Stormy, doing some training work

Betty White and Stormy / NBC / Getty Images

A fun little trick to teach any dog! Looks like Stormy was quite the talented pup as he gives up his paw to Ms. White.

Posing together for a “photo op” moment

Betty White holding her poodle, Danny

Betty White and Danny / NBC / Getty Images

Ms. White was quite the looker back then (she still is!) as was her dog, Danny. They look great together in this “photo op” moment!

Reading over some paperwork

Betty White reading with her dog, Stormy

Betty White and Stormy / NBC / Getty Images

Looks like Ms. White was reading over some paperwork, perhaps a script for a show? Of course, Stormy is right next to her, looking on.

The whole gang together

Betty White and all her dogs in the 1950s

Betty White and all her dogs / NBCU Photo Bank/ Getty Images

To wrap up this list of adorable doggy photos, here’s a photo of the entire crew together! This photo features not only Danny and Stormy, but also her dog Brandy! What a beautiful picture.

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