1930s Beauty Advice – If You Haven’t Got a Good Complexion Just Buy One

There are many old school beauty tips that we learned from our moms, perhaps it was yogurt as a mask or to use cold cream everyday. But, back in the 1930s the beauty industry was just starting to really rev its engine and beauty salons began catering to a wealthy clientele who wanted a rejuvenating spa day. Like today, some of these salons offered their own line of creams and potions, but for many women the notion of skincare was nothing like it is today.

Among the concerns of women in the 1930s were freckles, wrinkles, and helping with sagging face muscles. In this British Pathé newsreel from 1932 (with a rare female narrator) they show a rather unusual treatment that is usually reserved for the hands: a hot wax mask. And, like any good facial salon, they do the client’s makeup before she heads out on the town. Have a look in the video below.

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