Take A Trip To The Beach With These Beachy Keen Summer Memories

If you lived near the beach this may have been a regular event for your family. If you had to drive a ways then this was all the more a Big Deal. Packing the car may have taken forever, but it was totally worth it! Memories of summer at the beach stay with you forever. It seems like there are very few family activities that can match the beach in the fun department. Even just going to the pool was a great time! Have a look at some of our most vivid summertime memories.

8) Grab Your Tanfastic Oil!

Tanned Model on Beach 1950s

Via/ Flicker

Roll down the windows and jump in the car, but don’t forget to pack the suntan oil. No need for high SPF, the object was to get as dark as possible. It was usually the teenagers and adults who were most concerned with how dark they got. We just loved being there and digging in the sand more than the tan we got!

7) Rubber Pants

It’s a trend in child-rearing that’s come full circle! If you use cloth diapers, you need those rubber pants as well, also called “boaters.” These rubber covers were a necessary evil for most young families back then. Funny, though, cloth diapers are making a big comeback with many families. For years, we didn’t use the cloth or the covers, but disposable!

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