The 1962 Barbie Dream House We Always Wanted Is Available Again!

The amazing retro design is not cheap, but captures the essence of the designs of the era. Nearly an exact copy of the original 1962 Barbie Dream House, the paper cutouts fit together to give Barbie all her accessories and furniture. The recreation house is complete with a hi-fi system, tiny records, and 1960s art on the walls. What a lovely way to experience the thrill of Barbie all over again (or to share it with the grandkids).

Via/ Amazon

The house not only comes with the furnishings, but also comes with a reproduction Barbie doll from 1962, complete with her poodle bangs, kitten heels, and ’60s style dress. The house, like the original, folds up into a traveling play set.

Catalog page from 1962 showing the original dream house. Via/ Ebay

The original house, without the doll, cost between $4.44 and $8.00 in 1962 depending on where you lived and which retailer you bought it from. In today’s money that would be between $37 and $68. The cost of the Barbie doll would have been another $2 or more.

Via/ Amazon

Via/ Amazon

If you’ve never quite grown up, had this set as a kid (or wanted it), or have just always loved Barbie, then this set is for you. Get yours here: Barbie Dream House (1962 Reproduction)

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