Broken Down Old Babydoll Gets a Makeover

If you’re afraid of creepy babydolls or dismembered dolls then you might want to look away. But, for the morbidly curious among us, the world babydoll restoration offers a strange glimpse into how dolls were once made. The YouTube channel, TysyTube, make all kinds of old things come back to life. In the video below they work on a French babydoll from the 1960s with the name “Bella” stamped on her foot. The doll is in horrible condition with matted hair, crumbling clothes, and spooky eyes.

First the doll is taken apart and this can look a bit gruesome. But, if you ever wanted to know how some old babydolls were put together then this is a pretty interesting look inside. Then the doll and all her parts are washed well in dish soap.

To make the doll’s hair manageable, they use normal hair oil. And, to clean her little shoes they use shoe sole cleaner. While these techniques seem to do the trick, we wouldn’t try this on even a slightly older doll for fear of damaging the finishes. Anyone who collects dolls can tell you that the composite dolls of the 1930s-1950s can become quite fragile in their old age. Thankfully, this doll is not so delicate.

The end result is something to behold and the doll goes from looking like a haunted house prop to a sweet baby that any child would be lucky to have. However, the changes are not permanent as you’ll see in the video. But, the doll goes from scary to sweet with the makeover and it’s quite the change. Have a look at this incredible transformation in the video below.

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