Amethyst Antiques Roadshow Necklace Turns Out To Have A Surprising Royal History

We’ve seen some truly amazing objects on Antiques Roadshow over the years and the part that always dazzles is definitely the antique jewels that members of the public bring in. There seems to be no end to the stunning and quite valuable jewelry that people have tucked away in their closets. But, at the Tulsa Antiques Roadshow in Oklahoma in April of 2019, one women brought in a jaw-dropping necklace bequeathed to her from her mother-in-law.

The necklace is relatively simple until you get to the center stone: one giant amethyst with provenance linking it to the famous Lillie Langtry, English actress and mistress to the Prince of Wales. She would go on to become a baronetess in 1907 by her second husband, Hugo de Bathe, and of course the Prince of Wales went on to become King Edward VII.

While the necklace’s owner did have provenance linking the necklace to an auction of Langtry’s possessions in 1929, there was no official connection to the royals of England, which was not the only thing that affected the value of this beautiful necklace. Have a look at the surprising appraisal in the video below.

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