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This Abandoned House Is Almost Exactly As They Left It!

Pink Sofa in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

This whole room is in really good shape. From the original wood trim to the pink sofa and chair, it looks quite inviting even like this.

Stained Glass Entry in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

The amazing carved staircase detail leads the eye to a simply stunning stained glass entry way. That this was not vandalized years ago is almost unbelievable! The colors are so brilliant it makes me want to watch the sun go down while sitting on the bottom step.

Staircase in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

More ornate wallpaper in the stairwell. It looks really good with the dark wood of the banister actually.

Pink and Green Bedroom in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

This would have been a perfect little girls room, with soft tones of pink, green, white, and grey. The frilly curtains blowing in the breeze are peaceful in this room.

Green and Yellow Bathroom in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

Vintage Wallpaper in Abandoned House

Via/ YouTube

This busy wallpaper is so perfectly early 50s! The buttercream background with the tiny botanical print in little squares could have been in nearly any kitchen from that era. We pulled a 1954 wallpaper pattern catalog page to compare and it is a very similar style!

Sadly, this YouTuber reports that this house was subsequently torn down. We do really hope that they salvaged that stained glass and woodwork before it went, though! Watch the full abandoned house tour below.

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