From Pantyhose To Pond’s Cold Cream, 9 Ways Getting Ready Has Changed

Women today have no idea how hard beauty was back in the day! We had fewer resources and hairdressers kept their secrets well. The standards were quite a bit firmer than today and we had fewer products to choose from. From the way we dressed to the particular hairstyles, we had to manage our looks quite a bit differently than girls today do. These nine beauty regimens would seem foreign to many young women today. Read on to see how some of your favorite looks (and not-so-favorites) have changed.

9) Dress Shields

When a dress was handmade by you or custom-made at the dressmakers, you would never want to spoil it with sweat stains. Of course, they still make these handy little pads for keeping your clothes in good order, but so few people care enough about their clothes to wear them! With all the super-strength antiperspirants in stores today, most people don’t even need them. But, these were standard once upon a time, particularly for special days or for delicate silk dresses.

8) No Shimmer

If you wanted sparkly makeup back then, you were out of luck. Most makeup did not have any form of light-reflecting ingredients. If you wanted shine, you had to use Nivea or Vaseline. It has been rumored that Marilyn Monroe always wore Nivea under her foundation to make her dry skin “glow” in front of the cameras!

Marilyn Monroe on Movie Life Cover

Via/ Flickr

7) Camay Soap

If you could bottle time, this would be it! There’s nothing that smells quite like it and the scent takes me back every time. They do still make this lovely pink soap, though it can be hard to find. This song also brings back so many memories! Have a listen.

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