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9 More Brands We Definitely Still Miss from the Old Days

6) Rockwood Chocolate Wafers

For those who miss these treats, there’s really nothing quite like it on the market today. And, if you were a fan of the Mint Surprise cookies that used the Rockwood wafers, you’ll be happy to note that Andes mints have been tested to be a viable substitute.

More Brands We Miss from the Old Days

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5) Famous Barr

Who remembers getting Eagle Stamps at Famous Barr? They may have stopped giving and redeeming the stamps decades ago, but the store didn’t become defunct until 2006.

4) Jell-o 1-2-3

The layers separated to become a smooth and wonderful treat, well-suited to being served in a parfait glass or champagne cocktail stemware. Truly, this was Jell-o elevated to new heights and we felt so fancy!

More Brands We Miss from the Old Days

Via/ Flickr

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