8 TV Homes We Wanted to Live In as Kids!

The Stone Family’s Perfectly Balanced Household

The Donna Reed Show Living Room Corner

Via/ Wikimedia

The Stone family house on The Donna Reed Show was the perfect mix of traditional and modern, much like the show was. The warm family atmosphere was tempered by sleek lamps and modern art. And, we always loved the patterned wallpaper in the kitchen, too! This classic show was wholesome without being boring. They just don’t make them like this anymore!

The Stephens’ Eclectic Home

The Kitchen from Season 8 of Bewitched

Via/ YouTube

With possibly the most colorful home on TV at the time, the set from Bewitched has always been a visual playground. From the classical works of art to the shag carpeting to the bright yellow and green kitchen, this set was decorated beautifully. You can even spy a Frigidaire Flair pull-out stove in some scenes from the early seasons. Watch this great clip to get another look at the main living areas and that wonderful bright kitchen from the later seasons.

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