This Time Capsule Home from 1962 Would Make Anyone Envious

Built in 1962 for a family of 9 kids and 2 parents, this time capsule home still bears some remarkable details from the past. With its large size, we can’t help but think the Brady Bunch would have been far more comfortable in this home than in that small one they were packed into! No matter, let’s get back to this incredible home. Recently up for sale in Seattle, WA, this home is an elegant reminder of the beauty of 1960s interior design.

The 8 bedroom home features some amazing built-ins like a sunken living room and pink bathrooms! The house also offers a stunning amount of space for a metropolitan area. The original owners made their dough in the donut business and when the matriarch of the family died in 2015 the space was left empty. Since 1962 not much has changed around the home and even some of the furnishings are just as they would have been back then.

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